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Investing in Our Quality of Life

Park Partners is a non-profit corporation devoted to investing in our future through the development of the City of Fort Smith's Parks and Recreation Department facilities.

Governed by a Board of Trustees, the corporation exists for the purpose of securing and administering private funds in support of these efforts.

In 2002 the City's Board of Directors adopted the Comprehensive Plan.  That Plan includes a goal for parks and recreation to expand facilities and programming to meet or exceed national standards. The benefits of reaching this goal include increased quality of life, increased property values, reducing stress and absenteeism, attracting and retaining business, improving health and fitness, and providing an economic impact through hosting special events.  The Plan addresses the need for trails and greenways, neighborhood parks, recreation programming, and regional facilities.

The Board of Trustees believe the goals and benefits described in the Plan are important for our community today and for our future.  See how you can join Park Partners in supporting these efforts.