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Additional Neighborhood Parks

  • Leo Fondren Park
  • Briarcliff Avenue Park
  • Texas Road Park
  • Williamson Place Park

Neighborhood parks give residents recreational opportunities that are near to their homes. The importance of these parks includes improving health and wellness, supporting economic development, and strengthening community image and sense of place.

The physical fitness and mental development of our children is important to the health and wellness of our community. Playgrounds, which are integral parts of most neighborhood parks, have been shown to improve both physical fitness and mental development of children as they experience creative play on the playground.

Studies show that neighborhood parks add value to properties located near them and are a factor in attracting new development.

Neighborhood parks are places where we meet our neighbors and people with like interests. Before television and air conditioning, we sat on our front porches and visited with our neighbors. Parks are a place that we meet people improving our sense of place and community image.

Through donations of property and purchase, the City has acquired four parcels that are not developed.

Leo Fondren Park was donated by the Fondren family as a neighborhood park. It is a nice wooded lot located on Harriet Avenue across from Gerber Products Company. Plans for this park include a playground, half court basketball, benches, picnic tables, small parking lot, and path.

Briarcliff Avenue Park was purchased by the City and is located on Briarcliff Avenue near I-540. Plans for this park include a playground, pavilion, picnic tables, benches, path, and small parking lot.

Texas Road Park was donated by a contractor and is located on Texas Road near Torrington Way. Plans for this park include a playground, pavilion, picnic tables, benches, a path, small parking lot, and large play field.

Williamson Place Park is located on Dunston Drive in the Williamson Place subdivision off of Old Highway 71. Plans for this park include a playground, walking path, and picnic tables.

Estimated costs for the neighborhood parks project are $150,000 per park.