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Tilles Park Playground Improvements

Our children's physical and mental development is important to us. How can we help in the development of their minds and bodies? Playgrounds offer an opportunity to do this.

The creative play in which children engage at playgrounds has been studied and found to enhance mental development. Children need opportunities for creative play where they make up the game, the rules, and how it is carried out. Our children often go from one structured program to another or play in structured environments that dictate how games are played and do not allow for creativity or limited creativity.

Click here to download a PDF of the Evos Playground (pictured above)

Playgrounds also provide opportunity for physical development and fitness. Children at play on playgrounds burn a lot of calories. Some estimate that today's children will have shorter life spans than their parents. This is due to obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Guiding children to healthy nutritional habits and physical fitness habits early in life is important.

The playground unit planned for Tilles Park is designed to challenge children both physically and mentally. The design is relatively new and the first of its type for the City Parks and Recreation Department. It has been developed for older children and has been found to challenge them at an older age than the typical play unit.

Estimate cost for this project is $50,000.